Cone Beam Computed Tomography

The CS 9000 system is state-of-the-art technology that enables Dr. Robertson to diagnose  more accurately and provide treatment with unprecedented confidence.  Unlike a traditional spiral CT scanner, this 3D system utilizes cone beam CT technology to provide precise, crystal-clear digital images while minimizing your exposure to radiation.  The CS 9000 is particularly suited for endodontics as it has the highest resolution available (76 microns).  The focused field of view (a cylinder of 5cm diameter by 3.7cm height) considerably reduces your radiation exposure because we are imaging only the area of concern.

In many cases, our digital x-rays, along with the clinical exam, are sufficient for accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.  However, there are times when superimposition of anatomical structures on two-dimensional images makes it difficult to diagnose whether an abscess is present at the end of the root.  If an abscess is present, it will be obvious on the 3D scan.  In cases where calcification makes localization of the canal difficult, a 3D scan taken during treatment will aid in locating the canal and avoiding perforation (damage) of the root.  For teeth that have been previously treated and require retreatment or surgery, a 3D scan may help decide the best course.  For example, if the tooth has a canal that was previously not treated, this information would likely direct us to root canal retreatment rather than surgery.  And in planning surgery, particularly for a lower back tooth, the 3D scan allows us to localize the inferior alveolar nerve and its branch, the mental nerve, so extra care can be taken to avoid damage to these structures.

CBCT imaging has been crucial to the success of many cases treated here since its introduction into the practice in 2012.